🤔 How do I choose which Oo La product is right for me?

🤔 How do I choose which Oo La product is right for me?

Great question and here are some recommendations to help you get matched up right.

The Mixology Kits are great if you want to explore perfume accords, how styles come together and learn to discover the types of ingredients and perfumes you uniquely like and why. Hours of entertainment (you can make 6 formulas at least), can be a great gift for someone who loves perfume and loves experiences, and of course this can be an engaging group activity too! It’s based off our highly experiential workshop sessions (Chemistry of Oo), which we currently host in Singapore and Dubai!

If you are curious to sample the Oo La range, but not looking for an involved experience like the Mixology Kit, then the range of Discovery Sets is a good bet with 7 perfumes, each 3ml / 0.1 fl oz. All the perfumes in each set can be layered. A few spritzes and away you go. These sets are split into 4 families, Fresh, Floral, Sweet and Woody. Each set will take you deeply into the most popular perfume styles and of course they can all be layered too.

Lastly we have our latest range, the Solos, Duos and Cincos. All 10ml / 0.34 fl oz sprays, we have done all the hard work for you and curated these collections, with Solos being our top 6 perfumes, Duos, our recommended perfume pairings, and finally Cincos (that means 5 yo’) which look like a chemistry set that promises to🧨🧨 blow up your perfume collection (in a good way), since all these fragrances can be layered together as well as over perfumes you already own at home!


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