Does S-E-X have a smell?

Does S-E-X have a smell?

In short....The answer is 'Yes'.

Sexual activity can produce a range of smells that bubble up from bodily fluids, pheromones, and even (brrrr) bacteria.

During sexual arousal, the body sweats and releases pheromones that can create a distinct smell. 

We all know that bodily fluids can have a distinct odour. Semen typically has a slightly bleach-like scent, while vaginal fluids can vary in aroma depending on factors such as hormonal changes and time of the month.

It goes without saying that individual attraction preferences and proclivities to body chemistry will also play a role in how a person perceives the smell of sexual activity, and what may be considered normal or attractive to one person may not be to another....aah yes long live diversity


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