Gourmande, the fragrance family designed for celebrations

Gourmande, the fragrance family designed for celebrations

Gourmand (Go), the edible note, our most recent addition to the disparate lexicon we call 'fragrance families'. One thing we can agree on is this 'edible' family is addictive, "it makes you hunger in all sorts of ways," says Dan Terry, founder of Oo La Lab.

Gourmand fragrances inspire excess. Conjured from the sweetest desserts and desires, these complex formulas evoke our deepest longing (for food that is) interpreted as sugary candies, exotic fruits, baked breads and coffee. Simply irresistible.

Derived from the term 'Gourmand' which describes a person who is taken by an extreme and uncontrollable drive for consumption in excess, this family of edible perfumes first gained notoriety with the 1990s launch of Angel by Thierry Mugler. 

Whilst Gourmand fragrances are highlighted by their tantalising notes and allusions towards food and beverages of our wildest dreams, their longevity has shown that their appeal reaches across generation and gender.

Often complimented by ambers, spices, wood and musk, some modern day Gourmand treats include Tom Ford Lost Cherry, YSL Black Opium La Vie Est Belle by Lancôme and Maison Margela Replica Coffee Break.

Ready to find your sweet and edible side?
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