HUAT: The Scent of Prosperity

HUAT: The Scent of Prosperity

Collaboration between The Secret Little Agency and Oo La Lab for DBS Bank: Unveiling the Scent of Prosperity with Limited Edition 'Huat' Eau de Parfum

Singapore, [8/02/2024] – Oo La Lab, the avant-garde perfume laboratory renowned for its innovative fragrances, has joined forces with TSLA for DBS Bank to introduce a limited edition Eau de Parfum titled 'Huat' in celebration of Chinese New Year 2024.

huat (From Hokkien 發/发 hoat) meaning To prosper. Commonly used in conjunction with "ah", i.e. "huat ah".

This exclusive collaboration captures the essence of prosperity, delicately teasing out the distinctive aromatics associated with freshly printed legal tender notes in Singapore.

Inspired by the notion of wealth and abundance, 'Huat' is a hand-poured Eau de Parfum available in 30ml bottles and presented in limited quantities. The fragrance is a harmonious blend of effervescent aldehydes, inky paper, and soft musk, meticulously crafted to evoke the olfactory experience of handling new legal tender notes.

Dan Terry, Founder of Oo La Lab, expressed, "We knew that freshly printed notes had a distinctive smell; a delicate mix of effervescent aldehydes, inky paper, and soft musk. 'Huat' Eau de Parfum is as close as we could get to the smell of prosperity, and specifically, new legal tender notes printed in Singapore."

This collaboration is a celebration of the traditions associated with Chinese New Year, where the scent of prosperity is intricately linked to the symbolism of financial success and good fortune. 'Huat' is designed to resonate with individuals seeking a unique and sensorial way to mark the festive season.

Key Features of 'Huat' Eau de Parfum:
Fragrance: A delicate blend of effervescent aldehydes, inky paper, and soft musk.
Bottle Size: 30ml
Limited Edition: Hand-poured in limited quantities.

This limited edition fragrance encapsulates the spirit of prosperity, making it a meaningful and unique addition to the festive celebrations of Chinese New Year.


Image Credit ~The Secret Little Agency and Gabe Chen Photography


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