Music and Smell Are The Two Strongest Memory Triggers

Music and Smell Are The Two Strongest Memory Triggers

When we think about how our senses work, we imagine them operating almost as individual agents however the reality is more complex.

Our senses mingle together, offering a blended sensory explanation of our environment and the situation we find ourselves in. Specifically sound and smell are often paired together to create powerful memories.

This month to celebrate the inspiring connection between music and smell, Oo La Lab is collaborating with Planet Beyond.

If you are based in Singapore or Dubai then join a live workshop. Bring your favourite music playlist along and let’s make some new memories together.
Any purchase of a workshop session or product valued at $88 or more will receive an automatic entry to win a set of Planet Beyond earphones. [Competition ends 4 May]

Both Oo La Lab and Planet Beyond are dedicated to the empowerment of self and creative expression.
We want to celebrate humanity, our curiosity, creativity, love for beautiful things and individuality. Our future together is full, bright, and loud.

Inside Oo La Lab you can access a palette of 27 notes to design your own fragrance style. Now with this Planet Beyond collab you can customise your earbuds with motifs evoking everything from stars and moons to flora and fauna, the collection reimagines the geometry and rhythm of the natural world into bold, ergonomic earbuds.


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