These Perfume Boosters Will Change How You Wear Perfume Forever!

These Perfume Boosters Will Change How You Wear Perfume Forever! - Oo La Lab

Got half bottles of perfume on your dresser? Maybe more than one? Me too. Did you know that you can layer your current perfumes to create a new and unique fragrance for any occasion? You may not have considered mixing fragrances, but we're here to tell you that layering is a totally legit and exciting way to express yourself with scent. 

While I'm sure you have your go-to favourite perfume you rely on, fragrance layering can help to enhance or punctuate your style in a whole new way. It can be used day to day to suit your mood or style, or for a special occasion such as a wedding. It's also a sustainable way to breathe new life into older perfumes that you may be tired of wearing.

What is layering?

Layering, simply put, is combining two different scents or perfumes together on top of one another in order to create an entirely new smell. In short, it's all about blending together suitable fragrances to create new and unique scent experiences that leave a lasting impression.
But don’t worry, you do not need to be a scientist or have an overly refined scent palette to be able to create your very own, unique and memorable perfumes!
Layering perfume is a creative and oh-so personal way of styling your mood with fragrances. It is easy to learn and fun to experiment. That's why we've launched the Chemistry 101 EDP booster range with two types of scent applications: 

Modify your favourite scent:

Layer the individual Boosters onto your current perfume for added oomph or to shake things up. These scents can also be layered on top of your existing perfumes.

Create your own scent:
Blend together different fragrances to create unique combinations for any occasion. Each note can also be worn individually.

Layering the right way

So how do you make sure you're layering fragrances the right way?
Before layering your perfumes, you need to understand some basics about scent profiles. 
When you spray a perfume, what you smell first is the Top note. The Bottom note is what lingers on you, after the initial notes are not so pronounced. Your Middle or heart notes (coeur in French) are the centre of your fragrance story, forging a bridge between your Top and Base notes. 
Fragrances are grouped into Top, Middle and Base notes based on their molecular weight.  Lighter ingredients such as the Top notes will appear in a burst and quickly disappear, whereas Base notes are more sturdy and long lasting. 


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