What is the relationship between Perfumer & Evaluator?

What is the relationship between Perfumer & Evaluator?

The relationship between a perfumer and an evaluator is a collaborative one, with both parties working together to create and evaluate fragrances. While the perfumer is responsible for creating the fragrance composition, the evaluator provides feedback on its scent profile, quality, and marketability.

The perfumer and evaluator work together throughout the development process to refine the fragrance composition and ensure that it meets the desired scent profile and performance criteria. The evaluator tests the fragrance in various applications and conditions, such as on skin or in different product formulations, and provides feedback to the perfumer on its scent profile and performance.

The perfumer may also consult with the evaluator on various aspects of fragrance development, such as the selection of raw materials or the use of certain fragrance ingredients. The evaluator may provide insights and recommendations on consumer preferences and market trends, which can help guide the perfumer's decision-making process.

Ultimately, the goal of the perfumer and evaluator is to create a fragrance that is well-crafted, effective, and meets the needs and preferences of consumers. The close collaboration between these two professionals is crucial to achieving this goal and ensuring the success of a fragrance in the market.

It might be said sometimes that the perfumer is too close to the development, whereas the evaluator plays an important role in bringing objectivity and context to a work process that can be unforgivingly subjective.


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