Sense of Smell the UGLY DUCKLING of our SENSES?

Sense of Smell the UGLY DUCKLING of our SENSES?

Our sense of smell is often considered the "ugly duckling" of our senses because it is not as well understood or appreciated as our other senses, such as sight or hearing.

Unlike our sense of sight or hearing, which we use constantly throughout the day, our sense of smell is often less prominent and can be easily overlooked. We are not always aware of the smells in our environment, and our sense of smell can be quickly overwhelmed (read overshadowed) by other sensory input.

Smells are often sooo difficult to describe in words, and we humans often struggle to communicate our sensory experiences to others. 

In many cultures, there is unfortunately a negative stigma associated with smells, particularly those associated with bodily functions or unpleasant odours. This can lead to a devaluation of our sense of smell and a reluctance to explore and appreciate the full range of smells in our environment.

Despite these challenges, our sense of smell is a critical component of our sensory experience and plays a key role in our perception of flavours, memory, and emotional responses.

As the body of evidence and chorus grows about the complexity and importance of our sense of smell, it is possible that it will become more widely appreciated and valued in our culture.

Certainly the COVID pandemic for one, made many a human realise the beauty and fragility of our sense of smell and how we would be lost without it.


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