Case Study: Bombay Sapphire x Oo La Lab


Integrating aroma into cocktails with Bombay Sapphire


  • Introduction of Star of Bombay super premium gin to leading bartenders in Singapore
  • Immersive and novel presentation format drove high participation and engagement levels
  • Bartenders were introduced to the subtle art of essential oils in cocktails and the powerful role our sense of smell plays in the consumption of alcoholic beverages.



  • Bacardi was looking to premiumise the highly profitable gin segment with the launch of a new, super premium, higher-strength gin in Singapore.
  • Star of Bombay features two additional botanicals on top of the 10 that feature in the core Bombay Sapphire expression. The classic notes of juniper, angelica and coriander have been intensified, with the addition of bergamot and ambrette seeds offering extra exoticness. 
  • A rich and intense gin, Bacardi wanted to educate trade on the characteristics of Star of Bombay and how it could be applied to their cocktails.


  • Bacardi engaged Oo La Lab to host 30 of Singapore's leading bartenders in an immersive workshop experience. Bartenders were challenged to take their mixology skills to the next level with focus on botanicals and the power of natural ingredients. 
  • We invited the attending bartenders to create their own essential oil followed by a cocktail making session infused with the scents they created. The session featured a competitive element, with the best smelling cocktail winning a prize to inspire further engagement.
  • The exclusive Aroma Workshop was led by Head Bartender Andrew Loudon, the man behind award winning bar “Tippling Club”,  who shared his experience and journey of how aromas were integrated into his cocktails.
  • Taste and smell being closely interrelated senses, this creative session created the excitement Bacardi needed to introduce the premium gin to the Singaporean market.

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