Iconic perfumes with memorable OZONE notes for rain in the air

Ozonic or 'Oz', a fragrance note inspired by iconic perfumes including:
Baie 19 Le Labo, Petrichor Demeter, Bat Zoologist, Clean Rain Clean, Light Blue Sun Dolce & Gabbana, Blue Coach, Tom-Ford Oud Minerale, Masculin Pluriel Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Moschino Forever Sailing Moschino, Freedom for Him Tommy Hilfiger

Description: Rain, Electric storm, Earthy
Perfume Notes:
Top:      Cardamom, Morning dew, Aldehyde C10
Middle: Cyclamen aldehyde , Cedarwood EO, Mineral accord
Base:   Petrichor accord, Vetiver, Violet leaves