How to wear (or not wear) perfume 

How to wear (or not wear) perfume  - Oo La Lab

If you are going to wear it on your skin then moisturised skin is best. Even oily skin will work. The more hydrated skin is, the longer fragrance will last

Apply it to your ‘pulse points’, which are meridians along our body where the blood flows closest to the surface of the skin. Think wrists or neck. Chest and behind the knees are also less known options. These pulse points generate the most heat and will naturally carry the fragrance generally known as silage.

But please. Please. Don’t bruise molecules! Don’t rub or in cases we have seen ‘grind’ the fragrance into your body. Certainly a gentle dabbing or dotting is allowed. 

If you are sensitive to fragrance or not an on-skin kind of perfume lover then applying fragrance to clothing is very much on the cards. This is also a great (often dismissed) option for fragrance wearers. Spritzing some parfum on your shirt or scarf are easy ideas and certainly the fragrance will last much longer than if applied to your skin. Haven’t you ever slipped on a t-shirt or jumper and instantly taken back to a memory of a moment when last the item was worn?! (What a joy)


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