Explaining the ‘Chemistry of Oo’ fragrance table

Explaining the ‘Chemistry of Oo’ fragrance table - Oo La Lab

We created the Oo chemistry table as a new and fresh lens on the often confusing world of fragrance. By breaking the entire fragrance universe down into 25 standard notes and 2 complex notes, we provide a finite structure or code through which to learn and enjoy the art and chemistry of perfume . Using the Chemistry of Oo Table, any style of fragrance can be concocted. It is both easy enough to jump in and experiment; and challenging enough to invite true skill, unique personality and indeed a level of mastery. By coding all our notes in black and white means we reject the categorisation or delineation of ingredients to mental short cuts like gender or age, because sense of smell is the freest of our senses and still to this day can evoke powerful very personal emotions. By forcing categorisation by gender, age or culture means that we are pre-judging you. We think you are smarter than that!

Perfume is the ultimate hype product. While there is always room for a bit of hype, we try to add our gravity to the discussion.

Ultimately the Chemistry of Oo Table is a utilitarian tool for classification of the key fragrance ingredients used in perfumery and a methodology for us to open up the art and science of perfume to everyone.


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