New Perfumes for Wo/men in 2022

men in 2022

There are 1,000s of new fragrance launches every year. How do we keep up?

Or maybe the answer is to S-L-OW downnnn and go deeper into the collection you already own?! WHAT?

Allow me to elaborate a bit...

Most new fragrances to market are called 'flankers' meaning they are only slight variations or tweaks of previous popular launches. Nothing wrong with this. I mean we all love a good classic. But what if you could tweak your classics your way??

Over the last 2 years, Oo La Lab studied a total of 10,000 perfumes on the market. This research included both official materials as well as reviews, ratings and comments from consumers.

We used the results to distil a list of 27 of the most popular fragrance accords (components) across male, female and unisex perfumes. (we don't buy the gender divide but we still need to understand how it has influenced styles and taste)

These 27 fragrances can further be divided into 3 categories:

The Top notes:
Citrus, Aldehyde, Ozone, Aquatic, Green, Tea
The Middle or the heart notes:
Aromatic, Floral, Muguet, White Flowers, Jasmine, Rose, Violet, Orris, Spice
The Base notes
Oriental, Leather, Vanilla, Gourmand, Wood, Amber, Oud, Musk
Complex Notes:
Chypre and Fougère

Each of these perfumes are designed to be worn alone or layered over existing perfumes you already own. Keep the classic styles you like and just twist, tweak or twerk them to suit the moment!

Want an example or few?

Because CITRUS notes are often so fleeting in perfumes (meaning they disappear quickly), you will never go wrong by topping up your classic wear with Oo La’s citrus perfume note.

We’ve named our perfumes after core expressions to make it simple for you!

Feeling like your daily wear needs to be more zen? Add a spritz of our TEA. Its green, vibrant and meditative.

The most commonly used ingredients in perfume are the flowers JASMINE and ROSE. Do you love either of these? Then take our Jasmine and Rose perfumes and dash or splash over your existing perfumes to accentuate them with sustainable high quality floral extracts.

Your frag doesn’t seem to be lasting long enough? Well look no further than Oo La base notes. Self -explanatory are perfumes like LEATHER and VANILLA.  Look to GOURMAND for an extra sweet tooth kick) or MUSK to ‘fix’ your frag and add longevity and sensual appeal. (Fix comes from the word ‘fixative’. It means to use specific ingredients to hold your fragrance composition in place and slow down the rate of evaporation off of your skin).

For the budding Perfumista, Oo La box sets of 5 x 10ml will get your home perfume collection off to a rocket start. The combinations are endless and each of these perfumes can be work with the fragrances you already own. Each box comes with a large blotter book (those paper strips) that you can use to test.

The samples found under Discovery Sets are a great way to test out a wide range of Oo La perfumes with each set containing 7 x 3ml pieces. The FLORAL SET will set many a flower lover’s heart a flutter. The FRESH SET is uber unisex with chill nature vibes. The SWEET SET has all ya candy crushers sorted. Lastly the WOODY SET is earthy and well woody!

The Paired Perfumes are a great gift option for besties. With dreamy names like ‘Cottage Core’, ‘Bubble Bath’ and ‘Soft Rain’, each pair contains 2 x 10ml atomizers. Layer the pair to reveal their hidden story.


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