The Secret Scent of a Juicy Peach

The Secret Scent of a Juicy Peach

Peaches do contain essential oils, but the amount present is very small, making it impractical to extract them for commercial purposes. Additionally, the delicate nature of the peach fruit and its high water content makes it challenging to extract the oil efficiently.

To recreate the aroma of a juicy peach, perfumers and flavorists use a combination of aroma molecules that are known to be present in the fruit.

Some of the primary aroma molecules used to recreate the peach scent include gamma-decalactone, delta-decalactone, and gamma-undecalactone. These molecules are responsible for the fruity, sweet, and creamy notes that are characteristic of a ripe peach.

Other aroma compounds that may be used to enhance the peach scent include cis-3-hexenol, which gives a green, fresh note, and linalool, which adds a floral aspect.

By blending these aroma compounds in precise amounts, perfumers and flavorists can recreate the complex aroma of a ripe peach.


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