Ambroxan, for ambergris note

Ambroxan Chemical Structure

Ambroxan for ambergris note

Ambroxan has a strong woody-ambery, sweet-earthy, musky odour with a delicate animal tonality. Aromachemical laboratories confirm that Ambroxan can last almost 17 days on a singlew paper blotter!

Used in perfumery for creating an ambergris notes and as a powerful fixative.

Ambroxan is naturally present in Ambergris and synthetised from 'Sclareol', a molecule naturally extracted from the essence of clary sage. Ambroxan (also known as Ambrox) is a fascinating molecule that has warm woody, leather and spicy facets. It leaves a lasting, creamy, musky impression with a slight animal tonality.

Some people find it salty, smooth, skin-like (it can have you sniffing your arm slightly compulsively!), while others describe it as creamy, musky or labdanum-like. It has an abstract quality and has become widely used as a base note, in more complex perfumes.


The Aroma Chemical Brothers

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Ambroxan for ambergris note

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