Benzyl salicylate, for Orchid note

Benzyl Salicylate  Chemical Structure

Benzyl salicylate, for Orchid note

Benzyl Salicylate is sweet floral, spicy and balsamic, slightly-medicinal reminiscent of orchid, ylang ylang and narcissus.

About 30% of people are said to find Benzyl Salicylate virtually odourless (partial anosmia) but may still be able to detect its effect on other materials when in a compound.

 A very useful material particularly in conjunction with aldehydes where it acts to blend and soften them. Good in many fragrance types to give naturalness and smooth out the blend.

On its own a weak odour, but a very powerful fixative.


The Aroma Chemical Brothers

Hedione, for blooming floralcy

Bacdanol for creamy sandalwood note

Iso E Super for long-lasting woody note

Dihydromyrcenol for citrus and green tea

Helional for aquatic, ozone note

Galaxolide for clean white musk

Aldehyde C-18 for coconut

Benzyl salicylate for Orchid note

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Beta Pinene for forest fresh effect

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