Buccoxime, for blackcurrant juicy effect

Buccoxime  Chemical Structure

Buccoxime, for blackcurrant juicy effect

Buccoxime has a very intense and substantive black currant odour that is green-metallic, fresh, fruity, herbal and typical of buchu leaves and blackcurrant cassis.

Not found in nature, this ingredient is used in many fragrances as a modifier; it blends well with compositions where a fresh fruity, green aspect is required in citrus, modern muguet (lily-of-the-valley), lavender and other profiles.


The Aroma Chemical Brothers

Hedione, for blooming floralcy

Bacdanol for creamy sandalwood note

Iso E Super for long-lasting woody note

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Aldehyde C-18 for coconut

Benzyl salicylate for Orchid note

Coumarin for Tonka bean note

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Beta Pinene for forest fresh effect

Buccoxime for blackcurrant juicy effect

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